Ski Fit 8 Week - Coming SOON!

Ski Fit is a targeted 8 week online fitness program designed to get you in shape for the slopes and reduce your risk of injury this winter!

Workouts will vary from strength building circuits, intense glute building to HIIT workouts made to make you sweat and improve your ‘mountain engine’. Every workout is under 1 hour!

Women have twice the number of ski injuries as men and the most common injuries occur due to a lack of ski specific physical conditioning - Don’t be a statistic this winter!

Balance, Power, Endurance, Mobility and Agility are all key components of a healthy, fit skier - this 8 week Ski Fit program has everything you need to improve in all of these areas.

Build Muscle - Burn Fat

Endurance | Agility | Cardio

Ski Fit includes:

  • 8 weeks (3 workouts/week)

  • Workouts focused on creating balance within the body, Functional Movements, Building Strength, Muscle Hypertrophy, Cardio Conditioning, Glute Activation, Mobility, Ski Specific Strength (Eccentric Loading, Lateral Movements), Suggested Yoga Stretches

  • Online Access - Workout at Home or the Gym

  • Weekly videos delivered to your Messenger inbox to prepare you for the upcoming workouts

  • Option to upgrade to further personalized Coaching and Accountability

    Ski Fit 8 Week Investment: $99.99 CDN

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