Ignited Health ski fit fitness program

Ahhhhhhh Winter how we love you!

 The Ignited Health Ski Fit 8 Week Conditioning workout plan is specifically designed to take your ski fitness to the next level and burn fat in the process. Whether you are a beginner, a re-ginner, weekend warrior or all out enthusiast at the resort or in the backcountry!

The focus is to promote balance within the body, develop strength and endurance as well as concentrated efforts in the ‘mountain chassis’ which is everything between your knees and your heart. 

How many pre season ski programs have you seen online that are nothing but squats?

Think about the position you are in when you are skiing….your legs are bent constantly, putting a lot of load onto your quads, right? So one might think that doing a TON of squats would be the way to build those ‘ski legs’, right? WRONG.

Yes, you are in a squat-like position but the focus of a squat is the concentric movement - the what? The concentric movement is the up movement of a squat, that is where you build your strength with that exercise. But is that the primary movement in skiing? Ummmmm no. No it is not.

Moral of the ‘ski leg’ story my friends? You need to build your strength and endurance in the down movement and the holding position because that is how you are using those ‘ski legs’ to…ski.

Your legs will be very used to eccentric loads and isometric holds making it easy to ski long runs, long days and multiple days back to back without having your quads burn out on you.  Sounds kinda dreamy doesn’t it? Yeah it kinda does!

Do you want your ski season to come to a screeching halt because of injury??

I’m going to assume your answer to that question is going to be a very loud NO!

Last season I watched 3 of my friends get taken out of their ski season early with knee injuries! It is such a crappy way to end your season. The recovery time - and possible need for surgery - is brutal.

So why not prepare yourself better? Injury prevention isn’t a sexy term like ‘booty building’ or ‘bikini body’ but I’ll tell you this…I would rather stay out of a brace, sling or cast than be worried about how my six-pack looks under my ski jacket!

So now that we agree that Injury prevention is the name of this game, you’ll appreciate that your workouts throughout the Ski Fit program will not only make you sweat and build muscle but they will also be building your endurance, strength, stability and mobility in all of the supportive muscles, ligaments and tendons that nobody ever talks about. And THAT, my friend is sexy!

Ignited Health Ski Fitness Program

Knee ligament injuries are the most common ski injury!

Prepare yourself better this winter and AVOID this painful experience

The all important question: What’s included?

Your Ski Fit 8 Week Strength and Conditioning plan has been designed with 5 key aspects in mind:

  1. Science based training - utilizing EMG (Electromyography) studies to ensure maximum results

  2. Simplicity - workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment or in a gym

  3. Variety - there is nothing worse than boredom when it comes to getting fit!

  4. Activation & Mobility - the movements don’t matter if the proper muscles are not getting used

  5. Support - questions will arise, we’ve got you covered! Video & Inbox support provided

    Here’s a tiny sneak peek at a few details an portions of some workouts!

Are you ready to shred stronger this winter?

Ready to blow up your confidence?

Ready for longer days on the snow and feeling fantastic?

Shred fat, Build muscle, Create balance, Improve Mobility

Are You Ready to Invest In Yourself and A Healthy Winter?

Investment: $99.99

Your BEST ski season yet is on the other side of that purple button!