The BEST Keto Caesar Dressing Ever!

Caesar salad is a staple in my keto life - it's simple, delicious, helps me get my greens and fats and it's easy to transport to potlucks or for lunch!

My favourite way to prepare this is with kale, I dress the kale an hour before I plan to serve it so that the stiff kale leaves have an opportunity to soften up and absorb the flavours from the dressing.  You can go totally basic and just have dressing on greens or you can get a little fancy and crumble 3-4 slices of crispy bacon on top along with some lovely sharp shaved parmesan! That's always a hit!!

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Healthy Breakfast Sausages!

Mmmmmmmmm breakfast sausages...who doesn't love them??  But we don't love what goes into the conventional store bought ones, do we? Nope! Say goodbye to preservatives, nitrites and artificial colours and flavours and say helloooooo to your new favourite breaky addition!  Simple, fast, delicious!  Because these are made with extra lean turkey, you can easily add some fat to them or use ground chicken.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!!

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Low Carb 'Flat' Biscuits - UPDATED!

I LOVE warm breads, biscuits and buns...can you tell??  Problem is..they don't love me!  This super simple and quick recipe will have you enjoying a comfort food meal in no time!  It's low carb, grain free and gluten free so it hits all the 'must haves' for me...hope you enjoy it too!

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Garlic and Rosemary Keto 'Bread'

Now you can have your bread and eat it too!  Fear not Low Carb Lovers, your Fall and Winter cozy meals will no longer feel like they're missing something!  This is an easy, quick and delicious substitute for breads, rolls or biscuits - Enjoy!

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CrockPost Salsa Chicken

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CrockPot Salsa Chicken
Easy Peasy tasty and simple family pleaser!
  • 12 Chicken Thighes
  • 2 Bell Peppers
  • 1/2 Red or White Onion
  • 2 Cups Salsa
  • Enough to lightly cover the chicken Chili Powder
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
You have 2 options! Long cook - Morning Prep: put CrockPot on low heat Quick cook - Afternoon Prep: put CrockPot on high heatAdd salsa, chopped bell peppers, onion and 1 Tbsp coconut oil to your CrockPot, with whichever heat setting suits you Brown chicken thighs in 1/2 Tbsp of coconut oil, covered lightly in chili powderAdd browned chicken to CrockPotLong Cook Method: Allow to cook for 6-8 hours on low Quick Cook Method: Allow to cook for 1.5 - 3 hoursPairs brilliantly on wilted spinach with avocado on top!
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 8 servings

Ignited Health CrockPot Salsa Chicken
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