Delicious Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins

I LOVE Muffins

buuuuuuut I don’t love processed grains, lots of dairy or processed white sugar soooooooo that means I gotta make my own!

I’m also NOT a baker! I am not one of those people who is naturally gifted at creating baked treat recipes - ask me to throw together a 5 course dinner with nothing more than my imagination and I’m your girl! But baking…mmmmmm not so much! Thank goodness for the internet and all of those baker babes out there with crazy talent just whippin up goodness in their kitchens, I’d be lost without them.


 Enter the zucchini chocolate chip muffin.

The perfect ‘it’s almost fall muffin’ when zucchinis are abundant and chocolate chips are perfectly in season.

Just to be clear, I also don’t love the act of baking, with all the measuring and mess and clean up!

My dear husband also doesn’t love how much I dislike the clean up….but that’s a whole other story. I have to say, this recipe was super simple, not a lot of crazy measurements, and just 2 bowls.

Putting these together was a breeze, and that made clean up quick and painless too which is always an added bonus and it means I’ll definitely make these again!

Huge props to Paleo Running Momma for this amazing recipe!

I have to note that although I did modify this recipe a touch, I would have made it exactly how she had written it if I had coconut sugar! I happen to have maple syrup sooooooo that’s what it got! That is why I increased the almond flour as well to 2 cups from her original 1 3/4 cups, to even out the wet vs dry ingredients.

I also considered using dates but I was honestly feeling a bit lazy last night when I made these! I will definitely experiment with that option though as I do prefer to bake with dates over any other sweetener

And because I live in the mountains, I almost always find that recipes need to be modified in the cooking time department so I dialed it back to 20 minutes (checked them at 15). 20 minutes was the money spot!

I really hope you LOVE these as much as I did!

Please share it with your buds and let me know what you thought - do they measure up??

*that’s just a little baking humour for you…you’re welcome!

Go forth and bake my friend!


Chocolate Chip Zuchini Muffins.png
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