Is Your Body Trying To Tell You Something?

DETOX is a word that has gained a lot of popularity over the last 5 or so years in mainstream media, social media and general dinner party conversations!  Why is that?  Because facts and principles that Eastern medicine and wellness practices have known for a millennia are just now, FINALLY starting to make their way through our Western society...but not because our mainstream medical educational system is touting about it; quite the opposite actually, rather because of this little tool right here...the internet!  Our biggest research and education tool!

SO, now you're curious! How is your body telling you its toxic load is too high and not operating at peak performance?  I'm about to share that with you!  Most of these signs and symptoms are things that we are encouraged to 'Band-Aid' with over the counter remedies and even prescription medications!

How Many Of These Signs Have You Experienced in The Last 90 Days?

  1. Bad Breath

  2. Congested Sinuses

  3. Increased Belly Fat

  4. Food Cravings and/or Unstable Blood Sugar

  5. Gallbladder Issues - Or it's been removed!

  6. Abdominal Bloating

  7. Excessive Sweating

  8. Inability to Lose Weight

  9. Fatigue - That Doesn't Improve with More Sleep

  10. Moodiness

  11. Autoimmunity

  12. Chemical Sensitivities - Alcohol and/or Perfumes & Scents

  13. Insomnia

If You Mentally Checked Off 4 or More of the Above...You Need to Keep Reading!

There are as many detox programs out there as there are websites it seems, they all point in a slightly different direction but there are a couple really important things to note if you are going to go down this path.  

Does Your Detox Address Phase 1 AND Phase 2 Pathways?

HUH?  Yes, I realize you probably have noooo idea what that even means so I will make it very simple.  

Phase 1 detoxification (when we are talking about the liver) is called Oxidation whereby your liver utilizes oxygen and enzymes to remove toxins.  After undergoing Phase 1 transformations, toxins have an electrical charge and are more water-soluble so they can be excreted more easily.    Toxins which have been altered by Phase 1 enzymes are known as intermediary metabolites. Here are some problems with a detox program that only address Phase 1; the Phase 1 detoxification can produce more free radicals, some of which will be far more toxic than the original substance, toxin or drug that was present in the liver.  More free radicals equals higher inflammation and the possibility for more disease and illness; exactly what you're trying to avoid by detoxing in the first place!

Phase 2 is called Conjugation; there are 6 phases to the conjugation process, the liver attaches the toxin to another substance to process it for elimination and to render it less harmful. This makes the toxin water-soluble, so it can then be excreted from the body via watery fluids such as bile or urine. it is very important for the intermediary metabolites created in Phase 1 detoxification to undergo Phase 2 as quickly as possible. There is growing scientific evidence suggesting that certain diseases are the direct result of damage to the body from poor Phase 2 detoxification.  Some of the diseases that may be caused by toxic intermediate metabolites and free radicals include Cancer, Parkinson's disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus and Immune Dysfunction. 

Ensuring that the detox program you choose will nutritionally and supplementally support these and the rest of your body's detox pathways is imperative

Our bodies are constantly producing their own toxins through metabolization; these are referred to as endotoxins and are typically less dangerous than their counterparts, the exotoxins.  In everyday life we are experiencing more and more exposure to these exotoxins like pesticides, drugs, food additives, heavy metals etc that are entering our bodies through our skin, digestive system and lungs.  As Steven Horne says; this is one reason why nutritional supplements are so important for people these days.  If it takes nutrients to break down these chemicals and eliminate them from the body, and then the additional toxins we're exposed to puts an extra burden on the body's nutrient reserves.  So, it isn't just the refined foods we're eating that makes supplementation a good idea; it's also the increased demand for nutrients to detoxify the body. 

Because these more dangerous exotoxins are typically fat soluble and not water-soluble, they get stored in fat and are released during weight loss. 

This is why weight loss must also involve cleansing

SO, the question now is HOW do you detox effectively, safely and without spending days scouring Google for the perfect program?

Here are some simple guidelines and recommendations.

  1. Choose a program that is focused on a balanced Whole Foods plan

  2. Choose a program that is going to restrict your food intake as your body cannot cleanse and detox effectively simultaneously

  3. Supplementation is key; the body requires nutrients to detox and support the 'building' process post detox

  4. Antioxidants are a key component to a healthy and effective detox, a program rich in antioxidants in food form as well as supplement form with improve your success

  5. Support from a community is a huge benefit when embarking on a detox; questions will arise and being surrounded by others that can assist and support will definitely improve your success as well

Let's do a quick recap.  

Evaluate yourself based on the 13 symptoms listed above, if you are or have experienced 4 or more of them in the last 3 months, a detox should be in your near future.  

Phase 1 detoxification can produce more toxicity in your body than existed prior to so doing a detox that also involves Phase 2 detoxification, and does it quickly and efficiently, is a key component to a safe and effective cleanse.  

Detoxing must be accompanied by great nutrition as well as supplementation. Not all detoxes are created equal so following the 5 simple guidelines and recommendations will assist you in finding the program that is right for you.

If you have learned something new today, are intrigued to learn more about a safe, effective detox program that embodies everything talked about above and would like to take your health to the next level of greatness, send me a message and I'll happily walk you through your next step!  Click HERE to get in touch with me personally!


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