Holistic, Healthy Keto Is NOT Bacon & Cheese!

Ok so you’re checking out Keto OR you’ve already dove in head first into a large pile of crispy bacon and flowing cheese! Either way - you’ll be glad you landed here! I promise.

As with most trends in the nutrition and fitness world, they are built on a foundation of the BEST intentions and then somewhere along the way, somebody finds a way to ‘make it easier’, ‘taste better’, or ‘look less like a diet’.

I refer to this as the ‘Bastardization Process’.

Am I right or am I right?

If you’re new here, please realize that I am the farthest thing from a walking ego…I just lay it down like I see it, no sugar coating here! If you have handled the first couple of sentences like a champ, you’ll fit in juuuuuuuuust great around here! Thanks for jumping on board.

Ok, now that we’ve got that awkward moment out of the way, let’s carry on…

Keto might be THE single most misunderstood WOE on the planet.

Here's a few basics you should know:

Keto does NOT = ZERO Carbs

Keto does NOT = No vegetables

Keto does NOT = I can't eat fruit

Keto does NOT = I can't gain muscle

People who do not understand Ketosis will try to convince you that:

  • You HAVE to eat ALL the carbs to build muscle and lose fat

  • 'Eliminating' a food group/macro nutrient is a terrible idea

    **Side Note, they're right but you're not doing that on Keto so ignore them when they say that**

Ignited Health Fitness Healthy Keto Avocado

The Avocado: the international symbol of ‘I Keto’

OK so now you know what it isn't...here's what it is...OR more importantly, what it should be for optimal health!

  • Carb intake of around 30g TOTAL per day - this is a sweet spot for *most* people. Whether you're building muscle or solely focused on shedding fat, this 30 gram goal has proven to be a good one!

  • Most of your carb intake will come from a varied selection of vegetables (especially leafy greens), fruits, nuts and a limited amount of dairy - if you want. Lots of dairy free keto-ers out there!

  • Strong hair and nails, glowing skin, predictable restful sleep patterns and menstrual cycles. Ladies if you are spotting continuously, losing hair, getting hot flashes when you didn’t used to, stopped your period completely….you NEED to adjust your macro split, likely up your carbs and evaluate your fat intake. Like NOW.

  • Fat from healthy sources! WHAT does that mean? Cold pressed, minimally processed oils like avocado, coconut, MCT and GRASS FED butter (more on that in a later post).

  • Unprocessed! WHOLE FOODS my friends...shop the perimeter of your grocery store and walk away from the 'sugar free' crap.

Keto is a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy lifestyle when DONE WELL. Just like anything, it can and has been totally bastardized but that doesn't mean you have to follow that path....

Our bodies are PERFECTLY capable of using fat/ketones as their preferred fuel source. It was us humans that screwed that up in the first place and evolved ourselves into LAZY carb craving beings (thanks Industrial Revolution & Modern Farming!).

Still unsure how this could possibly be true? Take a look through history, you’ll notice something very obvious. The bodies of our ancestors were FAR leaner and stronger than we are today. Especially in North America. Yes, they worked harder and didn’t have every convenience at their fingertips but they also ate a very different diet.

Of the 3 Macro-Nutrients, FAT is the MOST efficient source...hmmmmmm coincidence? NO. Fat burns slower and at a more consistent rate than carbohydrates which creates an even, steady availability of energy rather than the peaks and valleys created by a carb loaded diet.

SOOOO...the moral of the story is this: Keto is NOT bacon and cheese. A healthy Keto lifestyle includes lots of veggies, clean proteins, healthy fats, fruit (gasp! YES, I said fruit), proper hydration and lots of leafy greens.

Ignited Health Fitness Healthy Keto

Healthy Keto = Simple Keto.

The Universe Loves a Believer

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