Running: The Tempo Run - WHY It's The Backbone of Your Training Program!

The Tempo Run - love it or hate it, it should be the backbone of your training program.

First of all, let’s get clear on what the Tempo run actually is. It goes by a couple different names; Tempo, Lactate-Threshold or Anaerobic-Threshold just so we are all talking the same language. For our purposes, we’ll just call it the tempo run.

Why Running Buddies Make The Best Friends

Running buddies ‘get you’ like nobody else can.

Who else in your circle can you talk to about your breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, coffee, kids, poop, husband (or wife), that time you had to ‘use’ your sock, the dog, the weather, LSD, speed, fartleks, chafing, blisters, short shorts, compression socks, Half goals, intervals AND how good your sleep was, all before breakfast?

Ummmmmm the answer is nobody. Absolutely no one else in your world would want to cover most of these topics with you, or would have an equal amount of craziness to contribute to the conversation.

Enter the run buddy.

Your run buddy is almost always the Yin to your Yang. She balances you, keeps you grounded, yells at you when you run too fast, yells at you when you run too slow. There is a special bond that forms while pounding out hundreds of miles together through all sorts of weather and circumstances.

The real question is WHY are these friendships so different, so strong, so resilient?

To be totally honest, I could not come up the words to tell you why but; surprise, surprise, a virtual run buddy named Faith nailed it with perfect eloquence. Here’s how she summed it up:

It’s therapy. It’s someone you can confide in. They are more than a running buddy, they are your sole sister. They hold you accountable and build you up. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about doing it together and having fun while doing it.

Absolutely everything about this is bang on. The bond that grows between friends while out running is founded in trust, a deep desire to see her succeed, non judgement, and probably a little bit of shared agony on those hard days.

We all know the saying; “don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”, right? Well a run buddy has literally ran many miles in those shoes so she understands the commitment, the struggle, the elation, the joy and the pain, both physical and emotional that comes with being a runner. Connecting with people who share those intense experiences and have a deep understanding opens us up in ways that we are; quite possibly, incapable of in relationships that lack this connection.

And there’s something really special about a friend that you can discuss poop with openly.

All joking aside, covering endless miles side by side requires an openness that doesn’t exist in everyday conversation. Small talk does not exist on the LSD! It feels easy to ‘go deep’ when you’ve been pushing your limits for hours, weeks, months and years alongside the same person or group of people.

So, if you have a current or long lost run buddy that fills a special place in your life; someone you’d call your sole sister (sorry fellas, that might be weird for you guys), let them know how awesome they are!

If you don’t have that special someone, reach out to me! I’ll happily be your VRB (Virtual Run Buddy).

See ya on the trails!

Run Buddy Rachel!

Run Buddy Rachel!

If you fall, a friend helps you up; a run buddy pauses your Garmin
— RobynO

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